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Power purchase agreements

We buy your renewable energy output.
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Generating and selling energy

Buying your renewable energy output

We work with independent wind and solar farm owners to buy their renewable energy using Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

We offer a variety of products to suit the needs of our generators, facilitated using our trading desk:

  • short-term and long-term agreements
  • fixed and variable pricing
  • forward hedging in the power market

Eneco makes connections between its contracted assets and its customers. This helps customers achieve their net zero and renewable energy targets.

Corporate PPAs

For new renewable power projects that are seeking a route to market, our corporate PPA service is a great solution. It provides generators with a bankable PPA with corporate customers and enables customers to enjoy the benefit of long-term power price certainty. Eneco has a strong track record in a variety of agreements between generators and customers.

There are many types of Corporate PPA. Contracts may have fixed or floating prices, short or long-term durations and they can involve sleeving. Eneco has good experience of these variations and importantly this knowledge can help reduce your overall contracting time and complexity.
Corporate PPAs

'Eneco is helping us meet our bold ambition of becoming carbon positive by 2030. It’s made all the more significant as any surplus supply will be sold to nearby communities, thereby progressing our vision of making sustainable living commonplace.'

Yvette Edwards, Sustainable Business and Communications Director at Unilever


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