Faster towards net zero

Faster towards net zero

Eneco is taking steps towards a climate neutral future by 2035 with the One Planet Plan.
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One Planet Plan

For decades, human beings have been using more resources than our planet can afford. Now it’s vitally important that we reduce our impact, lower our emissions, increase biodiversity and work together to slow climate change.

Net zero by 2050…or climate neutral by 2035?

Government targets in the UK and the EU are not tough enough to reduce global temperatures on their own. They have pledged to reach net zero by 2050, but we do not believe that will have the positive effect on climate our planet needs. Instead, we need UK businesses to join us on our journey to tackle climate change.

We’ve pledged to become climate neutral by 2035. We’ve underpinned this ambitious target with our core mission, the One Planet Plan. We created the One Planet Plan in partnership with businesses, communities, customers and stakeholders. An increasing number of businesses are working towards net zero targets and we know our mission can help them achieve it. We’ve acknowledged the scale of the problem, identified solutions and are now working together to deliver them.

Our targets

We’re fully accountable and produce an annual report of our progress.
Climate neutral by 2035
A net zero positive effect on biodiversity by 2025
Circular business by 2050

Our net zero pledge

We pledge to only use the energy the planet can afford.

Our approach

To achieve our targets, we will invest in:

  • Radical electrification: large-scale electrification of industry, mobility and the built environment with exclusively renewable electricity from new wind and solar farms.

  • Phasing out natural gas: by converting or closing our gas fired power stations and making natural gas fired homes and buildings with home insulation, (hybrid) heat pumps and heat networks more sustainable.

  • Accelerating sustainable heat: through innovation and investment in sustainable sources such as geothermal, aquathermal, electrode boilers, heat and cold storage, green gas and green hydrogen.

We hope you’ll join us on the One Planet Plan to become net zero.


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