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A 100% renewable energy company

Eneco has been supplying renewable energy to UK businesses for over 10 years.
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We only use renewable energy sources

We have been supplying renewable energy to UK businesses since 2013. As an international company, we also operate in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Eneco was founded in the Netherlands in 1995, where it is now the biggest energy supplier. We began our renewable energy journey in 2013, at the same time as we established our UK offices.

In 2020, Eneco was bought by Japanese company Mitsubishi, who now own an 80% share and 20% Chubu Electric.

The Eneco approach

We are committed to 100% renewable energy, sourced in the UK. In addition to our own wind and solar farms, we also bring together owners of wind and solar farms with commercial customers to facilitate working relationships, making renewable energy a realistic solution for large corporations including Mars, Heineken, Unilever and Honeywell.

To make renewable energy work for UK businesses, we’ve created a price point that delivers both value and reliability. We believe our prices compare favourably with non-renewable energy, with the added advantage of lowering your carbon footprint.

Our flexible approach to purchasing gives the control to the customer, who decides when and how much to buy.

Becoming climate neutral

We know that moving to renewable energy is an essential step towards slowing climate change. That’s why we’re here to help businesses achieve government targets. However, to make the difference our planet needs, we believe businesses need to aim higher.

That’s why we’re aiming to be climate neutral by 2035. It’s an exciting journey and we hope you’ll join us.
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Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources like wind and solar make our goals possible. In addition to our own wind and solar farms, we also work with independent suppliers of renewable energy sources. Our capacity is increasing all the time, enabling an ever-growing number of UK businesses to work towards becoming carbon neutral.

Fuel Mix Disclosure

100% green energy for the period of April 2021 – March 2022

As of January 2023, 50% of our energy is generated by our own wind and solar farms. The other 50% comes through partnerships with independent wind farms, ensuring there is plentiful, traceable renewable energy for all our clients. As more independent wind farms join Eneco, we will be able to offer more energy partnerships to our corporate clients. 
100% green energy label

Our Team

Our energy consultants are changing the world for the better with renewable energy.