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Solar energy advantages

Generate your own renewable energy with solar panels mounted on the roof of your premises to save money and reduce carbon.
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Commercial rooftop solar panels

Solar energy advantages

We source, deliver and install rooftop solar panels for our UK commercial customers.

There are many advantages of commercial rooftop solar panels. The sun already provides more energy than people will ever need – all we have to do is convert it into electricity. It’s a flexible, scalable option and we can install as many panels as you require.

Save money. Reduce carbon.

With your own roof-mounted energy source, you can:

  • Protect your business against power price fluctuations
  • Save money by buying at a rate below your energy import rates
  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • After the long-term PPA we can transfer the PV scheme to you for £1 or you can choose to extend
Solar farm in the UK

'Eneco is helping us meet our bold ambition of becoming carbon positive by 2030. It’s made all the more significant as any surplus supply will be sold to nearby communities, thereby progressing our vision of making sustainable living commonplace.'

- Yvette Edwards, Sustainable Business and Communications Director at Unilever


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