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Looking for a buyer of your renewable electricity? Eneco UK is always looking for 100% renewable power for our sustainable customers. And we do this in our own innovative way of working.

Power Purchase Agreements

We provide bespoke power purchase agreements (PPAs) for renewable generation.
If you would like to know more about the possibilities of our PPAs, please contact our team.

We are looking for:

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Small and large scale generators

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All certificates and renewable tariff schemes

  • • Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs),
  • • Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) certificates

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All renewable technologies


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Are you considering combining your wind or solar farm with energy storage? We are experienced battery developers and operators.

Who are you?

Generators and developers | Eneco UK

Generators & Developers

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Energy Consultants


More and more businesses are aware of their environmental impact, and join the transition to a sustainable future. By working together to reduce the carbon footprint we want to help companies with this vision. Read here why these high-profile sustainable companies choose us as their sustainability partner.

Logo New Stream Renewables | Eneco UK

As an independent energy consultant, New Stream have placed a number of sites with Eneco following a competitive tender process. They are able to offer 15 year deals and can respond quickly to requests, which makes them a strong counterparty.

- Sophie Payne, Energy Consultant at New Stream Renewables
Logo New Stream Renewables | Eneco UK

Shared vision of delivering value to our clients backed by transparency and service.

- Charles Ward, Director at New Stream Renewables
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Eneco offered market leading terms on the PPA we required for our solar project. They engaged with us on the legals swiftly and seamlessly. The whole process was easy and was not in the slightest stressful. The team answers questions quickly and I feel they will go out of their way to help us.

- Mark Jones, Finance Director at PP Asset Management (owners of INRG)

Credit rating

Together we analyse and decide which contract suits your customers’ strategy best. We offer both fixed and flexible pricing and are open to discuss tailor made contract structures. A reliable and financial credible party is key to a bankable PPA and we are a trusted party with a significant track record in this area.

If you are interested in our financial key figures please read more.

Eneco UK has a credit rating of BBB+  | Eneco UK

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