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We are here to accelerate the shift towards a 100% renewable energy system. We believe we can only achieve this vision if we integrate innovation in every part of our business. Whether we supply you with electricity or provide a route to market for your renewable project, being more green and more innovative is at the heart of everything we do.

Meet the core people driving this change:

Nigel McManus

Head of Eneco Energy Trade UK

"At Eneco we believe in scaling up and speeding up the delivery and supply of reliable and cost effective renewable energy - thus helping to deliver the agreement at Paris – in a collaborative, innovative and enjoyable manner."

Nigel McManus | Eneco UK
Ozgur Yilmazkaya | Eneco UK

Ozgur Yilmazkaya

Analyst-Business Developer

“Working for renewable energy sector is like acting some kind of a super hero. What would you do if your job was to save the planet? In Eneco, together with our clients and partners we do everything to generate and supply clean renewable energy for a better future and a sustainable world.”

Rik Frankfort

Structurer renewable energy contracts

“By connecting the right people and pushing the technological boundaries I believe we can change our energy landscape to be clean, reliable and in which energy is affordable to all. I am excited to contribute to this transition.”

Rik Frankfort | Eneco UK
Bas Haasdijk | Eneco UK

Bas Haasdijk

Senior Account Support

“It is everybody’s responsibility to keep this world habitable, safe and clean. The availability of renewable energy for everyone is an important precondition to do so.”

Sander Dubbeldam

Business specialist

“Save the planet, go renewable.”

Sander Dubbeldam | Eneco UK

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